About Cocoatech

A Small Team In a Big World

Cocoatech was founded in San Francisco in 2001. We have grown up alongside Apple helping entrepreneurs, small to large companies, and creative professionals to make order of chaos. Our team reaches from the US to Europe but our clients are all over the world. We are really excited to share our creation Path Finder with you. May you have many happy and productive hours ahead with Path Finder on your team.

Our Founder Steve Gehrman, started Cocoatech like so many others in the Silicon Valley, in his home and out of necessity. The only exception was he started it in LA before moving up to SF where he currently resides. He needed a tool to support him while he developed programs but it didn’t exist, so he created it. That was 18 years ago at the time this was written and now Path Finder is installed all over the world. Many have imitated it but none have the depth of tools and development that Path Finder offers.

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– Cocoatech team